History of Conrad Press

Printing company in Columbia

Conrad Press, Ltd. is a second-generation family-owned business that was initially established in 1939 as a job printing and newspaper publishing concern. Brothers John and Mike Conrad own and manage the family business after their retired father, Roy P. Conrad, helped to establish as the Clarion Printing Co. prior to World War II.

About us

Their family owned the Monroe County Clarion, The Columbia Star, the Millstadt Enterprise, The Enterprise Shopper and the Monroe County Reporter until July of 1987, when the newspaper portion of the business was sold to the Suburban Journals of Greater St. Louis. After the sale, the Conrad brothers changed the name of their company from the Clarion Printing Co. to Conrad Press, Ltd. and moved to a different location in Columbia. 

Our newspaper heritage continues, however, because in March 2001, John Conrad and Ed Wienhoff launched the Monroe County Independent, a newspaper headquartered at Conrad Press.

75 years later, the Conrads run the family business and are actively involved in civic, social, church, sports and fraternal organizations in the community.


Conrad Press offers a broad variety of services to business firms and individuals, from routine printing jobs to complex business forms and labels. The staff is also capable of design, copy preparation, photography and mailing services. Many organizations also rely on the Conrads for public relations and marketing consulting.

Life today

Today, products and services offered at the firm’s 120 N. Main Street location in Columbia, Illinois include printing, copies, advertising specialties and related products and services. The Conrad family’s newspaper background gives us a broad perspective in the graphic arts and mass communications in general.
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